Monday, August 26, 2013

YAW! 'Machete' or Coral? Tree

Oh, wow. The seed thief already has a sprout!  Last week I stuck a few plant/tree seeds in the dirt and a brilliant orange seed from a Erythrina is already 8" high!  I think this tree was a South American versian, seemingly vicious gnarbs on its trunk, if I recall. Emery helped break open some of the strange pods on the ground in McBryde Garden--we loved the intense orange color. Possibly in Florida, this tree is a little calmer or more domesticated as the 'Coral' tree?  I think some are referred to as a 'Machete' tree outside of our country. And they look more dangerous too, in person!

I read this just now--hope it was successful.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What?! I never put up pics from June 2012?

What are these globby things that have the skin of a starfruit??

Such a colorful little palm with red seeds...

Hollow hairy 'family jewels' that exploded like a balloon.

A tree hatching 'alien' miniatures.

Lovely golden blossoms--loaded with flowers.

Nice orangey tree in Poipu garden area.

Don't climb this needle tree unless you want inoculated.

Weird fruit on one of my walks--not a jakfruit.

Dr. Suess tree featuring long hanging columns of pink puffs similar to a mimosa flower-fascinating.

Love these blue balls--so bright they hurt your eyes!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tropical Plants in Kansas Heat

Well, my Hawaiian steals are doing quite well, except for the super-high temps of 106-109 degrees, which causes everything to wilt and I must rush around the yard moving pots away from the sun. Funny, you'd think they'd do well, but TEMPERATE means nice out, not BAKING in the heat!

I'm squealing with delight that my knee-high papayas are over elbow high and my stolen plumeria stick of 5 years put out a section that could be flowers! The plumeria grown from a seed had 2 leaves in May and now is knee high and filling in. Don't know what to do with the Java Olives....and I have 2 more sprouting--easy growers! There are a couple other seeds in water right now...but no signs of life yet! By the way, who left that cow skull in my front yard?
I am now posting, weeks later, that my plumeria DID flower several times (a deep pink) and my papaya is up to my forehead!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sugar Mill Wasteland

Aaarrgghh! This place looks awesome; I've looked forward to photos for 6 months; now I walk up and find I can't get close enough! The fogcloud is brewing on the nearby mountain top so I don't have much time between the next shower; Pioneer trucks keep driving around me on this little red-mud road--which probably means I'd be caught at the top of a 7' fence--alas!

I'd probably be scared to go inside anyway, but I really want details before the jungle takes over more metal in the next few years...I'd just stick my arm in a broken window and snap pics...oh trash, oh rust, oh devastation and the effects of time--woe is me!

I only want you for some pen drawings later this year....

After much deliberation, I am not sure I would want to go snooping around this place up close--I remember the water systems from the 1900's on Oahu (Monsanto ground) and the depth those huge, ancient tubes run--wouldn't want to fall in a hole or well or crash through some rotted wood, break a leg and be 'Lost' forever!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kauai Foliage and the Kid's Backyard

Tiniest lizard EVER by the kitchen outlet, Snow of India tree and Papaya, Oranges, purple flowered bushes, etc...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Horton Hears a Who Balls

I'm stealing this pic from my brother Brian, taken in Arkansas, of these delightful fuzzy little fungi.
Aren't they cute and circus-y?! It is amazing what occurs in nature...with that, I am still shocked over the number of 12-14 yr olds that do not understand that a yellow dandelion and a fuzzy dandelion seed ball are one and the same!!!
By the way, that IS poison ivy growing along side those tiny oaks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Desolate, yet me!

I am looking forward to seeing this old abandoned sugar mill this summer....ah, junk! Tired, twisted and rusted metal, stains, holes,creaking wood-I hope my camera works!